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What People are Saying

Arlo Bush

“ Grateful for the incredible message and programs The Rooted Method is sharing with us.”

Drew Nitsche

“Cristina is the most passionate and knowledgeable guide I have ever had, which made the whole experience rewarding and carefree.”

Crystal St. Lucie

“Cristina has truly created something magical here. I can’t wait to join another program!”

Tony Farmer

“I felt incredible, met amazing people and learned a lot. After the experience Cristina continued to be a resource for us-- her heart and passion for this work is unmatched. Highly recommend.” 

Isra Khan

“I felt so loved. I truly appreciated the support that Cristina provided in facilitation in each of the outings, but also delivering the information in such a caring way.”


Brooke Terrell


“ Cristina changed my life. She guided me back to where I always wanted to find a home within myself.”




Meghan Ahearn

“I think the thing that impacted me most was feel comfortable to share and be witness without fear of judgement. In the group interactions I never felt I had to be anyone but myself.”

Lindsey Torres



“ Cristina is extremely good at

what she does. She has created

a much needed service that virtually anyone can benefit from”