Taking inventory of 2019

with the lens of Mother Nature 


I often find that as the winter months come along, it’s when I am able to experience my life from the third person perspective, to analyze the trends, take inventory and reflect on how contracted and expanded I’ve been during the previous year’s cycles. 


As we transition from the more extroverted celebration of autumn and being out in the world celebrating and harvesting in business and in life, my life starts to become more distilled, clear as I turn more inwards to assess, rejuvenate and plan for the seeds of spring. 

For this theme of exploring our own divinity through the seasons, I am going to bring in the element of water-- as it is the element that reminds us that life is always changing, flowing from one moment to the next. It is the element that reminds us of being the most connected to the origin of being human regardless of gender-- our femininity. 


Below you will find a series of prompts and exercises to guide you through a dynamic reflection of your year through the lens of your feminine expression. This exercise will be really helpful for not only honoring your growth spiral but also seeing trends in yourself so you can be better equipped to manifest what you desire in 2020. 

Step One: Find a playlist on spotify or create one, you can check out mine here, that help you drop into a more feminine, heart centered space of reflection. 


Step Two: Create an altar space where you can drop in for this time of reflection.(See attached document for all my best tips on creating the perfect altar space that honors all of the elements) 


Step Three: Cleanse yourself with water. This can be figuratively or literally but the element of water is an important way to think about stepping into the flow of connection. Draw yourself a bath, listening to nature sounds of rushing water or visualize yourself becoming cleansed in a body of water. The reason we bring in the element of water is to create the intention and sacredness about the experience. Working with any element of nature in our daily life reminds us of the impermanence, the beauty that happens in change the ability to become new again. 


Step Four: Let the water give you permission to examine, change and feel yourself fully. 


Step Five: Limit your distractions, tell your loved ones that you will be in a period of reflection for X amount of time. 


Step Six: Make squares or quadrants of the seasons of your year on your white board/google doc/journal/poster board

  • Winter 2019

  • Spring 2019

  • Summer 2019

  • Fall 2019

In each of those quadrants reflect on your year with these questions: 

  • What was the theme of my life during this time? Insert words, phrases, embodiment, sentences, refer back to your journal or social posts from that time. 

  • What wonderful things transpired during this time? In both your internal environment of body and mind and also your external environment. 

  • What was challenging during this time? In both your internal environment of body and mind and also your external environment. 

  • What just isn’t working at all anymore? Be bold here. Be honest with yourself.  Think about the people, places and things. 

Step Seven: Once you have done a full inventory of your year, bring in the element of water again, to cleanse and renew your intentions as you prepare for 2020.


This practice is so valuable as you explore your personal goals because we cannot change what we don’t track and we can’t grow if we aren’t willing to pause and reflect on what’s working or isn’t working for us. 


This practice is not only valuable to your personal growth spiral but it’s also so much more enjoyable to see the dynamic expression of yourself through the seasons of the year. It is a reminder that we are allowed to feel, express, embody and feel ourselves in different ways throughout our lives. Through bringing in the element of water at both the beginning and end of this practice we create more sacredness and intention in our actions. And where there is sacredness and intention, there is magic. 

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