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I partner with creative entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries, healers,  soul searchers and teachers to break through their old stories and create a wildly limitless lifestyle.


I work with 1:1 clients in two ways. Breakthrough days and multi-month coaching packages.


My coaching style combines multiple modalities.  Based on your specific needs I will integrate a number of things such as NLP (neuro linguistic programming) hypnosis, nature therapy, authentic relating, manifestation and breathwork to facilitate big change in your life.


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What is Rewilding for Women?


Simply put rewilding helps you uncover all those conscious and unconscious domestications that you may have experienced in your life that are preventing you from embracing your true inner power. Rewilding invites you to re-remember,  reclaim and return back to a more natural state of being in your body, mind and spirit. The benefits of bringing this work into your life are immeasurable-- with the foundational tenants being a connection to nature. Rewilding helps acquaint people with a dimension of energy they may not have experienced until now. 


Together with breath, your thoughts, your mystical body  and nature, your life can become limitless.




" Working with Cristina and being a part of the rooted community has been a tremendous gift to me. She creates a space for me to reconnect to my body and a space to safely connect with other women. I've had several breakthroughs since meeting her and taking advantage of her group." 


" Working with Cristina has opened me up to a whole new world. She is incredible in how she shows up, her integrity, character and embodiment. Just by her presence you will rise up. Her knowledge and teachings are so helpful and awakening. I've received more clarity in what I have to offer in my business which is something I've struggled with for years. The space she creates for you to come as you are and be seen really paved the way for true transformation. I will never be the same."


"I learned so much from you and am a part of the program. I can't even put into words. I feel more autonomous and in control of my thoughts, emotions and journey. The program allowed me to open up to divine sisterhood that was unprecedented for me."




"I've never felt so connected with my emotions. It's almost an indescribable feeling, Thank you for walking me through this transformation journey, Cristina."


“Cristina’s coaching  changed my life. She guided me back to where I always wanted to find a home within myself.”


" I can't say enough about Cristina and the work she does. I've been able to open myself up to the abundance that exists around me. Her light is so bright and she has given me permission to shine. She's a safe, powerful and thoughtful leader."


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