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This membership is designed to take you deeply into building trust and confidence in your mind and body  all while being connected to a strong sisterhood.

New Earth

Business Mastermind

This membership is This is a high-touch, live group experience where we discover more ease, play and cash flow in your business. 


Can't decide which one to join?

You can join both!

Why pick just one when you can enjoy

the sisterhood and community of both


We don’t expect you to make everything that is included.

That’s why the memberships are designed to give you many touch points throughout the month.




"Cristina is a phenomenal leader and shares her zone of genius so beautifully. I’ve learned so much in the membership and from what she embodies herself.


- Lindsey Torres | Emotional Agility Coach


“I think the thing that impacted me most was feeling comfortable to share and be a witness without fear of judgement. In the group interactions I never felt I had to be anyone but myself.”


- Meghan Ahearn | Project Coordinator at Dell Children’s Hospital 


"Participating in Cristina's membership has shifted my life this year in profound ways. Cristina has so many tools she infuses into the sessions including breath work, movement, NLP, visualizations, and hypnotherapy. The results that I've seen in my life include:  a greater sense of self-trust and confidence; taking more aligned action in my life; clearing out my subconscious of what isn't serving me; manifesting abilities; clarity on my purpose and how to be of service to others”


- Faith Sams | Money Coach for Women



“Cristina is extremely good at what she does. She has created a much needed service that virtually anyone can benefit from”

- Isra Khan | Photographer & Creative Project Manager



“I’ve never felt so connected with my emotions.It’s almost an indescribable feeling. Thank you for walking me through this transformation journey, Crisitna.”


- Ayla Parido | Cyber Security Engineer 



I am most passionate about building strong, authentic feminine networks full of energy, connection, confidence and possibility.


I believe that intimate networks of women move mountains. I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships and the more collective energy we share together, the more we all win.

In The Rooted Method women meet at the intersection of brain training, mysticism, community and nature connection. In my group programs, I use a combination of neuro-linguistic- programming, breath work, nature therapy visualization, embodied dance and authentic group relating to guide  participants to arrive on a whole new level of being.


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