The Rewild Festival

The Rewild Festival is a 2-day camping festival event focusing on strengthening our relationship to nature, as individuals and a community. At the core, rewilding means to return to a more natural state. IN practice, rewilding is a lifestyle that prioritizes a connection with nature through outdoor play, self-reliance, sustainable food choices, and even zero waste living.


Explore what it means to REWILD during this weekend of hands-on workshops, intimate conversations, plant walks, yoga, meditation, and music that will help you engage with nature in all aspects of your life including food, movement, sexuality, and healing.


The goal of this unique outdoor experience is to create space to exchange ideas, connect with nature, nourish our bodies with plant-alignment, abundant living and transformation.


You'll learn from a curated line-up of leaders in the Austin community, who create education and community in alignment with rewilding principles and are excited to share their experiences.


Weekend programming includes speaker sessions, hands-on skill learning, plant-walks, primal movement, team building activities and community meals.  Our weekend adventure will be held at Gingerland, a 59 acre dynamic ranch just outside of Austin.



Join us at the 2020 Rewild Festival from November 7-8

Who is the Rewild Festival For?

  • Those ready to create from a place of internal knowledge rather than external validation
  • Those looking to integrate ancient ways of living into their modern lives
  • Those who desire to live in harmony with nature

  • Those Ready to live in alignment with their natural body rhythms for optimal well-being

  • Those looking for a deeper connection to all aspects of their divine feminine

  • Those who thirst for more adventure, but feel life and responsibility keep getting in the way

Single day + Weekend tickets available

How is the weekend structured?

Over the course of the weekend, you will have access to:

  • Six interactive sessions from our festival leaders 

  • Camping Groups with Team Leaders 

  • Nourishing plant-based meals from Curcuma

  • A reserved camping spot at Gingerland (just outside of Austin) 

  • A musical performance 

  • An opening and closing ceremony

  • Solo time to reflect and explore in nature


Who has participated
in the past?

Lydia Jarjoura




Moon Magic


Join Lydia Jarjoura for a workshop all about the Moon! You'll learn how the 4 different phases of the Moon correlate to a woman's cycle and how to live in sync with your own inner Moon for more productivity, deeper rest, and more self-acceptance. This is for ANYONE who's interested in learning these moon womb secrets.


Instagram: @lydiajarjoura

Eric Knight


Foraging Walk


Come along with Local Leaf's Eric Knight to learn about the wild edible plants growing right under your nose. We’ll explore the property and learn what fall wild edibles can be found in Central Texas. We’ll also discuss wild-harvesting ethics, dangers, basic botany, as well as helpful resources for continuing your foraging adventures. Eric has taught numerous plant walks and edible and medicinal plant classes for Earth Native Wilderness School, the Austin Nature & Science Center, and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and is always excited to share his ethnobotanical knowledge.


Facebook: Local Leaf

Instagram: @localleafatx


Rachel Musquiz​


Exploring Ayurveda: Connecting to the Elements in Mind, Body, and Spirit


Over 5000 years ago, the ancient Vedic texts outlined how to live a life of balance through movement, diet, and lifestyle. While Yoga focuses on movement and breath, Ayurveda focuses on food as medicine. Using the elements (earth, wind, air, fire, and water) as a framework, Ayurveda provides the wisdom to identify your personal constitution and create a lifestyle that supports an optimal experience in your mind, body, and spirit–that’s free of disease and full of joy! In this workshop, Rachel will introduce the main tenets of Ayurveda, guide you through a Dosha Quiz to identify your mind-body type, and explain how to recognize symptoms of imbalance.


Chef @curcumakitchen |


Founder @lunafixa |


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Join us at the 2020 Rewild Festival from
November 7-8. 

What people are saying about the Rewild Festival

“It pressed the importance of self-care time and feeling "whole". I feel more of a desire to keep consistent with my meditation and yoga routines.”

“I learned new things that I am very interested in and feeling very inspired and empowered. Also, I MADE FIRE!! that was so cool.”

“I loved seeing how passionate the different speakers were, about what they spoke on. It was amazing to see curated it was!”

“Out of this world! The flavor and intentionality in the cooking embodied the love and gratitude that was flowing throughout the entirety of the weekend.”

“I love all of the positive experiences created while sharing and learning from others. The workshop facilitators never felt like it was a performance, but rather a member of the group that happened to be leading.”

“It's wonderful to experience once again the array of teachers, mentors, and resources right here in Austin! So accessible and inspirational.”

“Honored to have been a part of it-feeling nourished and connected to Mother Nature in a new way.”


“Thank you for providing such a magical space for me and my partner to grow together in. It was lovely.”



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