Our vision here in the Rooted Method Elevation circle is to re-imagine our world and the way we work, lead and create. 

To bring forth the new earth entrepreneurship and leadership in how we live, serve and receive.

To support each other in creating an interconnected web of support and relationships that has a big ripple effect

in the long run. 

We’ll get into what this new business model looks like in just a second, but first - let me ask you a question:​

D O E S   T H I S   S O U N D   L I K E   Y O U ?

  • You want to honor your business like the seasons of nature, taking strategic time off and honing in the seasons of abundance and rest? 

  • You want a slower, more embodied way of doing business that doesn’t represent the hustle and grind boss culture online? 

  • You want to create long-term community connections and relationships that create a big ripple effect in your offering and leadership? 

  • You thrive in consistent small group settings with high accountability to get the good stuff done? 

  • You want to find other men and women in entrepreneurship who are doing things like camping, playing in nature and also investing and wealth building holistically? 

  • You want your business and relationships to be an extension of your values?

Then the Rooted Method Elevation Circle is for you!

“Cristina's ability to hold space for groups is a true gift. She creates a subtle healing and warm structure for you to flow and be yourself. She facilitates in an open, comfortable and authetnic manner. The care and love for her work is deeply felt. Her experiences are welcoming to all levels of understanding. You will transform by joining one of her groups.

Stacey Coplin

Owner of Local Leaf


This is more than just a mastermind where we all come and go.

This container is dedicated to creating a long-term community around your business for months and years to come. 


This online program is equal parts sustainable work + healing + deep breath + a nice long sunny walk in the woods.


We’ll get gooey. We’ll get close. 


A big secret I learned after four and a half years in building two businesses? 


The power of an aligned community and thinking of your business like an ecosystem where the relationship with your beliefs, body and community is crucial for long-term stability, growth and success. 


I believe it is the sustainable secret to creating

 a business that feels good from the inside out.


That also does good for your community and the planet. 


Loneliness can be a hardship of sharing your offerings and expression in the world. Clients, peers, and friends often tell me how they crave a consistent sounding board: good, reliable people to help sustain their journey. 


This circle is designed to deliver exactly that. It is a dependable space to share your wins and receive honest feedback from your peers and Cristina while simultaneously taking aligned action with a system every month. 


Through community, we can co-create a new business dynamic that works for us and exists outside mainstream systems.

Hey, I'm Cristina

I swear by the power of group dynamics and what we can accomplish together.


I partner with men and women in group programs to create more coherence, trust, self-expression and wild confidence in every part of their life. My passion is to translate energy and personal freedom principles into digestible and practical techniques. When a strong, uplifting community of humans support each other and facilitate transformative learning together, magic happens.  I could list all the places and people I’ve helped, but I’d rather you feel my heart for this work, and trust your gut instinct about me. These days, the universe is my boss, and deep connection is my mission, and I’m here to support anyone who still believes in a better world and a beautiful life. Liberation is not only possible, but guaranteed, if we believe.



I’m a Texas gal at heart and I’ve always been obsessed with the brain, the body and human ecosystems. My frame of thinking and learning has been towards the group model since I was about 10 years old. I wanted to be a psychologist, an outdoor adventurer, social activist  and entrepreneur all at the same time. And over many years, these passions led me to create

The Rooted Method.


"I can't say enough about Cristina and the work she does. I've been able to open myself up to the abundance that exists around me. My business took off after working with her. Her light is so bright and she has given me permission to shine. She's a safe, powerful and thoughtful leader."

Sarah Morrell

Women's Transformation Coach

& Serial Entrepreneur



The way we think about entrepreneurship and self-employment is changing. 


It’s no longer just about making as much money as fast as you can by yourself online. 


People crave a SLOWER way of living, working and being.


A way of creating a thriving business model that supports you, your community and the planet. 


A win- win- win model. 


Your clients, peers and customers are looking for a model of living that supports their values, their nervous system and their relationship to the planet. 


And people are hungry to do it together, just like our primal design. 


In the Rooted Method we explore re-villaging your business while smashing through your subconscious beliefs.


Section One:

Subconscious congruence in your business

Section Three:

Re-villaging your business

Section Four:

Wild Thought Leadership

  • Creating healthy polarity in your communication dynamics with peers, friends and family. 

  • Changing the way you think and act before society does

  • The tapped in network 

  • Honoring the decade or multi-decade long  vision for prosperity and deep connection

“This group brought me more awareness, trust and connection to my inner world and my intuition. These women acted as the expanders I didn't know I needed. The ritual of our weekly meetings became a bedrock for me, bringing accountability and support to my days. I miss it already”

Ayla Pardo

Cyber Security Consultant


Over the course of four months you will receive a high touch model of support through:​

T H I S   I S   P E R F E C T   F O R

  • Men and women who care about nature as an ethos to living well. 

  • Men and women who care about cultivating a life of adventure culture outside- camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, backpacking etc.

  • Men and women who want to create higher profitability margins for their offers so they don’t have to trade as many hours for dollars.

  • The person who thrives in group settings and feels really motivated to take action through a high-level of individual and group support.

  • The person who already has one business but is interested in diversifying their income through affiliate marketing, direct sales or strategic partnerships. 

  • The person who desires to bring more breathwork, visualization, journeys, nature therapy and imagination into the way they manifest opportunities.


  • How does the group work?
    • ​​Throughout our four months together there will be a high accountability structure of live group circle calls and private 1:1 calls as well as private boards for each individual as it relates to goal setting, additional worksheet and exercises to take you along the journey. 

  • Is this for men and women?

    • Yes!


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