What People are Saying



"Cristina is a phenomenal leader and shares her zone of genius so beautifully. I've learned so much from what she teaches and embodies herself; her sessions and class have allowed so much transformation to come through." - 






""I can't say enough about Cristina and the work she does. I've been able to open myself up to the abundance that exists around me. Her light is so bright and she has given me permission to shine. She's a safe, powerful and thoughtful leader." 



"Cristina is so full of unspeakable wisdom and yet can somehow speak it. And speak it in a way that makes sense to me. She invites me to feel more. I appreciate her commitment to her work and she shows up with authenticity every single time." 




From working with Cristina I have a  deeper trust in my knowing that I am exactly where I need to be. The embodiment practices and visual meditations she guided me through really allowed me to dive deeper into my body and my dreams in a vivid way that I can now carry with me. Ever since our session I have felt more confident in my abilities to navigate this lifetime. May we all be supported in this way.




"This group program filled a void in me like nothing else ever could. With the other women in this program, I rediscovered my carnal passion for nature and learned to love myself on a deep, core level and became a part of a community that makes me feel whole. Forever grateful for Cristina's dedication to helping women embody the highest versions of themselves. Her groups are life- changing." 





"Working with Cristina & being a part of the rooted method community has been a tremendous gift to me. The membership gives me the flexibility to travel for work as I need yet still receive beautiful benefits and resources that she provides. Through visualization, dance, breathwork and  a deep gratitude practice she creates a space for me to reconnect to my body and a space to be safe to connect to other women.I’ve had several breakthroughs since meeting her taking advantage of the membership she offers."


"I’ve never felt so connected with my emotions and nature’s surroundings. It’s almost an indescribable feeling. Thank you for walking me through this transformation journey, Cristina."



"I had life changing personal breakthroughs with Cristina. My confidence and self-esteem have sky rocketed. I highly recommend my family and friends to work with her and join her groups."C



"Cristina changed my LIFE! She guided me back to where I've always been longing to be, Rooted within myself"



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