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Cristina Schooler

Hi, I’m Cristina Schooler! I get really excited about all things women, community, and nature. All three combined make me turned on to life. If you ever see me lead a group of women in nature, I’ll start waving my hands around, real animated-like, my voice growing high and loud. It’s because I really believe in other women and love pulling out more of who women already are—whatever their expression may be. I think life just becomes energized the more we truly show up for ourselves and aren’t afraid to be our fullest expressions in group environments. 


I see dance and play as non-negotiable ingredients of life and that the more we dance and play, the more we attract what we truly need. I believe the further we get away from a linear logical world, the more magical our lived experiences can be. And that our imaginations create the realities we touch, feel, and explore. 


So that’s my purpose: to help women tune into their inner worlds, to reshape their outer lives and to embrace who they are in all different moments around all different types of people. That’s how we create prosperity and abundance for ourselves. Because when we step into more of who we really are, we see that life flows through us, instead of feeling batted around by rough seas. 


I live in Austin, Tx most of the year with my partner Brendan and our cat Florence. When I'm not in Austin you can find me adventuring in the mountains of Iadaho, Canada, and the beaches of Florida. I'm passionate about reading, always gaining new skills, and hosting pop-up dinners for my friends. 

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